Bad Catalytic Converter Symptoms

5 Symptoms of Catalytic Converter Theft

There are bad catalytic converter symptoms that you ought to know. Since a catalytic converter located in the exhaust system it converts harmful emissions coming from combustion into safer  gasses for the environment. Here is a list of Bad Catalytic converter symptoms.

Hi. Welcome to this article. Today we’re going learn symptoms of catalytic converter theft. The catalytic converter is one of the most stolen car part according to car mechanics. Here you will get a good list of symptoms that shows you have a stolen or a missing car catalytic. Welcome and lets read together.

Purpose of a Catalytic Converter.


The purpose of the catalytic converter is to convert harmful emissions coming from combustion into safer  gasses for the environment.

Your catalytic converter will be located and the exhaust system.

Here are Signs of catalytic converter theft.


Check Engine Lights on all the Time.


This is the first sign and you might be experiencing with a bad a catalytic converter is having your check engine light on all the time.

Bad Catalytic Converter Symptoms

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  4. P0423,
  5. P0424,
  6. P0425,
  7. P0426,
  8. P0427,
  9. P0428,
  10. P0429,
  11. P0430,
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  13. P0432,
  14. P0433,
  15. P0434,
  16. P0435,
  17. P0436,
  18. P0437,
  19. P0438,
  20. P0439

You can read these codes by going to the car parts store near you and they’ll most likely do it for free. Or you can buy the scanner and scan the entire car yourself.

It’s possible that you can have a bad catalytic converter with no check engine light on


 A rotten eggs smell.


While you’re driving if the honeycomb inside the catalytic converter is either broken or clogged it won’t be able to convert the smelling gas called hydrogen sulfide into an odorless gas. Resulting in a rotten eggs smell.


 Failed emissions test.


The whole purpose of the catalytic converter is that it converts harmful emissions into safer gasses for the environment.  If it has fault or missing, the bad catalytic converter will never be able to convert these gases result in a fail  emissions test.


Lack of engine performance due to catalytic converter theft


Imagine you are at a red light looking at your opponent on the running track.

The light turns green you for it only to find out you’re late and both cars had up to 3000 RPM. This can happen if you’re catalytic converters dirty or clogged, the reason why you would lose performance is because of the inability to breathe out the exhaust gases.

Bad Catalytic Converter Symptoms
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Let me give you an example.

Now try to run around the track with the mask on, it’s going to be harder to exhale through the restriction of the air caused by the mask this is how a dirty catalytic converter.

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Due to that the catalytic converter gases  will have no where to go but the stay in the combustion chamber.  These gases take up space instead of air messing up the air ratio preventing perfect combustion.


  Rattling noise coming from the catalytic converter.


The rattling always can be a broken down honeycomb this could be caused by rich condition mean in the air / fuel ratio was not correct.  Having more fuel than air was actually needed this extra fumes gets kicked into the bad catalytic converter increasing the temperature to the point where breaks the honeycomb.

Fix the problem right away to prevent the honeycomb from shattering causing the rattling noise.

Replacing a catalytic converter can be very expensive if you suspect the clogged catalytic converter and wanna save some money clean it with this catalytic cleaning chemical


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