How to fix Overlaying screen in Android

How Easily Fix Overlay Screen on Android Devices

Though this is a great thing about Android, sometimes users encounter errors or situations where finding the solution becomes very difficult for them.
Screen Overlay Problem
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Fixing Overlay Screen challenges is now not a major problem. Nobody can deny the fact that today’s world is the world of mobile operating systems. And the war to be on top has been continuously going on between two leading contenders, i.e. iOS and Android mobile devices.

iOS keeps its focus on user experience and simplicity by keeping everything closed source whereas, on the other hand, Android is an open-source operating system that focuses on complete freedom and a featured-packed entirely customizable experience.

Though this is a great thing about Android, sometimes users encounter errors or situations where finding the solution becomes very difficult for them to fix overlay screen.

The best example is the “Screen overlay detected” issue on Android. If you have ever faced the Screen overlay detected issue on Android, and are looking for a solution, don’t worry as we have got you covered.

Fix Overlay Screen Detection Issue On Android.

Given below is the cause along with working methods to Fix Screen overlay detected an issue on Android.

Cause of Screen Overlay Detected Issue on Android mobile devices.

Android phones, especially the ones running marshmallow and later face screen overlay detected an issue. It occurs when apps that display floating items over other screens cause a conflict.

Most popular apps that can be responsible for Screen overlay detected issues on Android are the Facebook messenger, Clean Master, Lux, etc.

Now let’s head to the fix for overlay screen detected issue on Android.

Steps to Fix Overlay Screen Detected Issue on Android mobile devices.

Follow the methods below to fix the screen overlay detected an issue on Android.

Step 1. Look for Applications that can draw over your screen. Here’s how to do it.

samsung screen overlay fix on android

  • For Samsung devices :
    Go to Settings > Application > Application manager. Then click more and select Apps that can appear on top.
  • For miui devices :
    Go to Settings > permissions > other permissions > Display pop up window.
  • For other Phones :
    Go to Settings > Apps > options (gear icon) > Draw over other apps.

Step 2. In the list of apps opened in step 1, disable permissions for the apps one by one. So that you can get to know which one is causing trouble, you must disable all of them and then try enabling one by one.

Mobile devices overlay screen
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After each change, open the app that was showing the error initially to identify the app that was causing the issue.

Step 3. In most cases, you can re-enable all the apps in the draw over screen permissions once you have solved this ovelay screen error as now the app gets compatible with the overlays.

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Note: Another thing that can cause this error on Samsung mobiles is the one-handed keyboard settings. Deactivate it by going to Settings and then Advanced Features. Here turn off one-handed operation.

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