How to Detect the Secret CCTV Camera


CCTV Camera are sometimes installed on hotels. If you are in a hotel or guesthouse, how will you know if there is not a hidden camera with a lens as small as a pinhead? In this article I will tell you simple trick to use in order to know if the room has a hidden camera.

What is a CCTV Camera.

CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera – Piusify Tech Tips

CCTV camera is abbreviation for Closed-Circuit Television Camera.

Examples of CCTV Camera.

Some of the main CCTV cameras are CCTV camera,

Spy camera,

Surveillance camera,

CCTV Security Camera,

CCTV Security Camera
Security CCTV Camera – Piusify Tech Tips

CCTV Video Surveillance Camera

You can travel to a place where you are not familiar of. Either for business or for other activities. When you take a hotel or a guest house but without knowing it, you find yourself being secretly photographed or videoed.


In this generation of stylish recording equipment, with a small pin-tip measurement, you should take care to consider the following points;

How to check if a room has a hidden CCTV Camera

  1. When you enter a hotel room or guest house, turn off the room lights and close all the windows and draw the curtains. Turn on your phone’s camera without turning on the phone’s camera flash light.


  1. Walk around the room while checking the walls and ceiling using your phone that has the camera turned on without flash light. Do this exercise without recording anything. If the room has a hidden camera, you will see a very small red dot/mark of light/flash on your phone’s screen. Where the dot/light appears is the eye of a very small hidden camera.

If there is no light then the room is completely safe to use.

Not only are the cameras hidden in the walls of the room, but they are also hidden in the lights of the room. In this day and age of advanced technology, information gathering is done in a highly encrypted manner. As soon as you enter the room of the guest house/lodge/hotel, look at the lights used to give you light during the dark.

A hidden CCTV Camera
Secret CCTV Camera – Piusify Tech Tips

Not every lamp you see in the room is set to give you light. Some are placed very secretly to record the events in the room. These lights are equipped with a very small camera. The camera will start recording as soon as you turn on the lights with the camera. Inspect the lights as you did the walls. If they have cameras then you will know them by seeing the beam of light. If they are a short distance away, you can also take them out carefully and inspect them if you have experience with camera lights.


Your phone’s camera through its screen has the ability to see the light of another camera. Any secret recording camera produces a beam of light that is detected by another camera. Their purpose of fixing the camera is recording very secretly.

Many secret cameras record by producing a beam of light. Our normal eyes cannot see. It is like the beam that is produced in the eye of the TV remote controller. It is difficult to see but if the eye of the activated camera is directed in front of the remote that is clicked. Then the beam is visible openly.

Thank you for your time. Remember to give this message to all relatives and friends who travel frequently. Give also to all whom like to stay in hotel rooms and guest houses.

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