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6 Important Things To Consider In Buying a New Phone



Hi there, we are almost approaching the end of this eventful year and somehow you might have got the impression that you are thinking of buying a new phone that will meet your needs, expectations and manage to be a device that you will keep for long.


There have never been so many phones and brands to choose from like there are today and this can get rather intimidating to most of us, therefore I have made this post to give you a checklist to go through before you make that life-changing decision!

So, why don’t we get started?


1. Brand Reputation

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Brand Reputation of the phone you’re trying to buy

What good is your phone if you aren’t comfortable enough to show it off or use it without a peck of worry whenever you are in public or with family or friends? The main reason we have phones is so that they can help us communicate easily and have access to all the important information quickly and on the go—and not being able to use your phone in public because it’s of a sudden ‘brand’ defeats the purpose.


There are many big and small names out there that offer a wide range of phones to use; From Apple, Google, Oppo to Infinix, Sony and Redmi. Each of these brands advertise their phones differently and for a certain kind of users i.e film makers, gamers, to readers , minamalists, and etc.


So, my friend, it would be better to consider that before buying a new phone.


2. Specs of the Handset you are buying.

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Piusify – Phone Specs

One of the most important things you are gonna read here and you should definitely give your total attention before buying a phone is this. The specs.


If I asked, ‘What are important things one should consider before buying a car?” You would answer confidently by offering suggestions like, colour, texture, style, to check if it fits, and etc. So why should you do the same with a new phone before you consider to buy it?


In a quick list, here are some things to watch for in a its specs. Just see if they are good for you;


– Screen size & Type of Screen (In, Is it Amoled or not?)

– Screen Refresh Rate(Hz)

– Headphone Jack or not(pretty important for some of us, lol)

– ROM(GB’s)

– RAM (GB)

– Processor (How powerful is it?)

– Camera Quality (Awesome or garbage?)

– Texture (Plastic or Metal Casing?)

– Colour (In what colours can I get it in?)

– Battery Power(mAh)

– Fingerprint or Not(Biometrics)

– FaceID or not

– Dual SIM or not(Well…)

– OS Version


These are very important things you shouldn’t turn down because they will tell you how often you will use your phone hence to give you a clear answer weather to use it or just stay cool about it.


You could read about the specs of almost any phone out there on the GSMArena website and if you’d like to dive more into the Specs Talk, you could Read my Extensive Blog post on Phones Specifications here.


3. Security Updates & Technical Support

Phone chip
Piusify Tech Tips – A Phone Chip

Well, what good is a phone if you buy it so late that the given company that is responsible for making the particular phone has stopped to give out important Updates to make sure that your device can not be easily hacked?


You have to see if the given phone runs on the latest version of Android, if it is an Android phone, and the same applies to all other devices too.


Also check to be sure that the given device is eligible to receive future updates for a reasonable amount of time, or else it wouldn’t be that much reasonable to consider before buying it.


4. Customization

Buy a new phone,
Phone Customization

In other words, how far can you make the particular phone ‘your phone’ this goes with general physical Customizations like a phone case, selfie stick, some tempered glass and external lenses.


On the other hand, applies internal customizations like adding some external storage, changing your default apps for certain things, how far you can change the overall look and feel of your UI through Wallpapers and Themes. And all that kind of stuff.


Fun Fact

There is a beautiful PIUSIFY WALLPAPER you can download directly from our website for your phone, tablet and computer! Just click here.


5. Compatibility Ecosystem

Buying a New phone,
Different Accessories to use on a phone

The world, as I said earlier in introducing this post, is moving ahead so fast that sometimes you can be confused of what is right to put in your workflow and what is too ‘meh’ and old fashioned.


Many phone companies have tried to build an eco system of their own, for example, some have completely abandoned the headphone jack and force you to adapt to wireless buds and headsets.


Others go far to make sure that it’s difficult to integrate with products from other countries but theirs. So it’s normal to buy a flagship phone accessory to find it doesn’t work well on your phone because, well, the phone wasn’t made by the same company!


Sometimes, you can get used by all this and not make it part of your decision making process before buying a phone, but for some, this is crucial. So, before you buy a phone, make sure it will work well with your laptop, earbud, tablet and charger environment.


6. Price of buying a new phone

Buying a New phone,
A Flagship Phone, an Iphone Pro Max

Well, if you don’t consider the price of a phone before you buy it, you’ll either buy something at a very high price than you should be getting it for, or get out of budget….and the worst case scenario is thinking that you didn’t make the right choice later on even though money might not be a problem for you.


Related Topic: Cool things to know about Apple Store


When it comes to buying phones, there comes three ranges to consider from, the Flagship Phones that you will expect to have them ridiculously priced-for a good reason since they give you a sense of Premium, and Status. Then, there are Cost-Effective Alternatives which try to offer you the same features at a reasonable pricing. Lastly, there comes the cheap phones that you buy for basic phone uses, which means you can never expect anything about them to be “high-end” but most of them could surprise you in lot’s of ways.





I hope this article has opened up your eyes when it comes to the overall things to consider befog buying a phone especially in 2022. Some bonus info is sometimes always check different stores before making your purchase since you’ll always find a deal that will be very beautiful and awesome to miss.


You can read our other Article on Piusify, “Phones to buy in 2022 if you are on a budget” or click here to have a full view of our blog posts. For any questions, advice, etc, please comment below!

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