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WhatsApp Update: Who Can See Last Seen

 In Whatsapp there’s now a fourth option called “ My connections except ” which is also available for Status sequestration.   With these druggies can show their profile print, last seen, and About word to people in their address book except those they count

 Reasons for Updates

WhatsApp is rolling out new sequestration settings that would allow druggies to hide their profile prints, last seen, and About word from specific people in their connections lists.

 This is now available on both iPhone and Android bias.

 What’s New?

 Previous to this there were three sequestration options for your

  1. Profile print,

  2. Last seen, and

  3. About word.

  4. My connections exceptions the latest update.

Image credit: piusify.com


One could either partake those with everyone, or only their connections, or no one at all.

 There’s now a fourth option called “ My connections except ” which is also available for Status sequestration.

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How It Works

 With these druggies can show their profile print, last seen, and About word to people in their address book except those they count .

Update in whatsapp1
Image credit: piusify.com


 They can produce a list of connections that won’t be suitable to see their profile print, status,etc., while keeping this word visible to the rest of the connections, basically working as a blacklist.

 How To Use

 It should be noted that if you turn off your ‘ last seen ’ so nothing can see it, you won’t be suitable to see others ’ moreover.

To try out the new controls, navigate to WhatsApp’s Settings> Account> sequestration menu. refer the images above and one below here.

whatsapp new update
Image: Piusify.com


 WhatsApp also blazoned a many group calling features.

 Group Call Features

 druggies can now mute others during a group call while also being suitable to communication specific people.

 A banner will also be shown when someone joins a group call off-screen, making it easier to see when further people join large calls.

 Converse Transfer Between iOS And Android

 lower than a week ago the app introduced the capability to transfer converse history from Android to iPhone, one that was long requested for.

 Before, druggies could only transfer exchanges the other way( from iPhone to Android).

 How It Works

 The transfer process only works on new or plant reset iPhones and utilizes Apple’s being Move to iOS app for Android.

 Once a stoner clicks on WhatsApp data as an option in the app, the data will be packaged in a format compatible with iOS.

 Apple or WhatsApp won’t see any of this data and it’ll remain translated.

 Once the data is transferred and a stoner launches WhatsApp on their iPhone for the first time, it’ll descry the data there, decipher it, and all of the former exchanges will be restored.

 Edit Button In The Works

 About 2 weeks ago it surfaced that WhatsApp was testing out a point which will add an edit button and allow druggies to edit their dispatches after transferring them.

 It reportedly started working on the edit point five times atone

 but scrapped it soon after.

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How It Appears

 A screenshot participated by Wabetainfo shows an edit option when a transferred communication is named.

 It would appear alongside the being Inf

o and Copy options that appear once the stoner long – presses a textbook communication.

 druggies will be suitable to use the point by opting Edit from the popup menu later long – pressing the textbook communication.

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