Apple is rolling out VisionOS 1.1 Today

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  1. VisionOS 1.1
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Apple released VisionOS 1.1 on Thursday with the most notable feature being improved personas of users. Specifically, the new update improves hair and makeup appearance, neck and mouth representation, and rendering of the eyes for EyeSight, which lets others see your eyes when you’re wearing the headset.

Additionally, users can also now set up their personas without holding the device through Settings>Persona and selecting “Hands-free Capture” mode after initial steps for setup.

The new version of VisionOS also introduces Mobile Device Management (MDM), for enterprises to manage their devices. This enables admins to set up devices for custom configuration, install apps at scale, and perform a remote ease of the device.

VisionOS 1.1

The company announced the support for enterprise device management last month.

“We know that in order to unlock all of [the power of the Apple Vision Pro], businesses are going to want to manage these devices on scale. So the good news is we’ve got a lot of great technology to bring over to Vision Pro in that regard,” Jeremy Butcher, worldwide product marketing for enterprise at Apple, told TechCrunch.

There are plenty of other minor improvements in VisionOS 1.1 for users:

  • Users can now delete system apps from the Home View
  • Improvements to discovery and connection to a Mac with Mac Virtual Display
  • Improvements to virtual keyboard with better text input accuracy
  • Updated closed caption controls while viewing Apple Immersive video

Over time, developers have more apps for VisonOS, and the platform now has more than 1,000 native apps on the App Store.

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